Keep in Contact with Home Easier with Three, Feel at Home International roaming without the charges!

From April,1,2015 UK network Three are extending their feel at home services to New Zealand, this means that contract (and pay as you go bolt on) Three mobile customers can use their data minutes and text messages in New Zealand and it will come out of their bundled contract minutes, texts and MB’s – so no expensive roaming charges while in New Zealand!three-feel-at-home-new-zealand-

In New Zealand I’ve found data is bloody expensive and there sure as hell are no all you can eat data packages yet. Data wise, this actually makes Three’s feel at home cheaper than using any of the NZ networks including Spark, Vodafone, 2 Degrees and Skinny – crazy!

Its mostly good news however, it seems there could be a few potential issues:

  • The data allowance, even if you have unlimited or all you can eat data is capped to 15Gb per month while you are abroad. But seriously, who uses this much mobile data anyway?
  • Mobile tethering seems to be a grey area. I’d recommend checking with them if you can tether to a laptop or not – various websites state not.
  • It also looks as though there is a fair usage policy in place, for those looking to migrate permanently Three feel at home may not be the solution. As per the terms and conditions, Three may cut you off, if you don’t return to the UK.

Taking this all into account, I’d say that Three feel at home is spot on if you are going to New Zealand for a couple of months and want to browse the web and stay in touch with back home.

If you are living in New Zealand, its probably not the solution for you, though do let me know your experiences of feel at home, international roaming and mobile networks in New Zealand by commenting below.



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