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Travel Apps for New Zealand

With the popularity of people traveling with just their trusted Iphone, Ipad or let’s not forget the less restrictive Android devices travel apps have become increasingly popular. Travelers can now download many travel apps to help them whilst they are on the road. 🙂 Who is with me on these pet peeves? Have you ever … Continue reading “Travel Apps for New Zealand”

Moving to New Zealand with your pets – what you need to know

New Zealand is an amazing country, with astounding natural wonders, cosmopolitan cities, and an incredibly comfortable quality of life — it’s easy to see why anyone would be tempted to move there. According to Statistics New Zealand, every month between 5,000–6,000 migrants make the country their new home, and many of these people bring their … Continue reading “Moving to New Zealand with your pets – what you need to know”

Migration Expos in the UK

Whether you’re simply thinking about making the move to NZ or in the stages of planning it, attending migration expos in the UK is a great way to learn more about life out there, and help you make those all-important decisions! We went to the London one in 2014 and I don’t regret the effort – … Continue reading “Migration Expos in the UK”