How Difficult was it really to get a long term visa granted for New Zealand?

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If you haven’t already checked out my article about what type of visa to get for NZ, then we suggest you do! Check it out here!

Getting a long term visa for New Zealand can at first appear to be a daunting process and you may think it is easier to just find a migration agent/company who will do it for you. However tempting as it is do consider that they will charge you for this service and as the visa it self is costly it may not turn out to be as cost effect and trust us it really isn’t that stressful!

Get Organised

The key for a smooth sailing in the visa department is by getting organised, create a file or a online folder (Dropbox or Google Docs) and start collecting all that relevant paper work that is needed. Whether it’s bank statements, proof of relationship to your sponsored kiwi, copies of your passport, your medical history keep it all together ready to send off to the immigration department.

Don’t get freaked out by the amount of forms you have to fill out! The NZ migration department is actually one of the best immigration websites out there. It’s extremely user friendly has some great tips and advice and even handy check list forms to make sure you fill out all the information correctly and are not missing anything.

Speak the truth

Be honest and keep communication open with your migration specialist. (As soon as you submit your application of express of interest you get assigned one). Communicate with them if you are worried something in your past may affect your visa getting granted often if you contact them the visa department will answer your questions and more often than not you realise it really wasn’t something to get worried over! At one point I forgot to attach evidence about our other joint bank account and I simply rang them up told them I forgot to add it in the file they were totally cool with it and I got some more time to add it to the application!

Make sure you allow time for any silly little errors like that, I just suggest applying for your visa 6 months before you plan to leave, you don’t need to worry about flights at this stage!

I would love to hear about how easy your process was and about any little hiccups that happened to you and how you over came them! Feel free to leave your story/comments below!



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