Hiring A Rental Car In New Zealand – Kiwi Road Trip!

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It’s road trip time for us! We have ten days…to explore the South Island. We have decided to fly down to Queenstown and hire a car upon arrival. We have a time constraint so we decided this would be the best method for us. We are flying out of Nelson to make the most of the time that we have!

Our South Island Road Trip Route
Our South Island Road Trip Route

Finally open roads! Yes, they may not be that smooth but they are scenic and definitely a conversation starter! With a long drive ahead we are prepared for our journey. Below is our check list for hiring a car for your kiwi road trip:

GPS Unit: Who uses maps these days, anyone? You can hire one from the car hire company for around ten dollars a day but Google Maps on your smart phone is more than sufficient these days! *Top Tip* To save money if you are hiring a car for more than 10 days. Why not pop to The Warehouse and buy a GPS?

Mobile Phone: Don’t forget that smart phone which if you have 3G / 4G data signal can doubles ups as a GPS with Google Maps and emergency use! Make sure you also sign up to a network that has good signal…I swear by Vodafone for NZ there coverage here has never let me down!

Fuel: Make sure you know what fuel your rental vehicle requires, a nasty surprise may follow else!

Apex car rentals
Apex car rentals

Insurance: Don’t get caught short, opt for that extra insurance that the car hire company offer. Make sure you reduce your accident excess reduction all the way down to nil.

Cover your ass: Read all the terms and conditions of hire car, things such as returning the hire car late, or with a empty tank will all get you extra charges when you return he car. Protect your wallet and read the small print! Also note down, take pictures of any marks or scratches you see on the car when you first pick it up, if you are extra concerned before you leave talk to someone at the hire company and make them record the mark or scratch you have noticed.

Credit card: The car hire company will take a imprint of your card (usually around 250 dollars if you have purchased the extra AER, don’t forget the credit card else they will have to use your debit card and actually take the money!

Check list and route in tact and we are off, we shall be on social media during our vacation and posting photos as we go just to make you all that little bit more jealous! First stop is Queenstown, my we have missed you!




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