Skiing in New Zealand; Mt Hutt, Treble Cone & Porter Heights


With the winter season just around the corner for New Zealand we’re starting to see the temperature drop and snow will soon cap the many mountain ranges throughout New Zealand.  We’re getting ready to embrace the refreshing change in season and so should you – get out on to some of the worlds best ski fields, it’s a sure way to get past the scheduled winter blues =)

It’s currently Spring in the UK and it seems as though everyone is coming out of hibernation – my social media is continually popping and pining with photos showing friends and family wrapped up warm taking beach walks. Well, I guess it is their turn to make us jealous that the sun is hitting the northern hemisphere!

We have now spent FOUR winters in NZ, slowly but surely we are getting the hang of skiing and winter sports, best of all we don’t even have to leave the country to go skiing!

For skiers and snowboarders the best time to visit New Zealand is June – September

For true snow sports fans, winter in New Zealand may be the most energising and wonderful time to visit. Skiing and snowboarding season starts toward the beginning of June and for the most part, ends at the start of October. The South Island is the place to be in winter and Queenstown is New Zealand’s most well-known ski destination, with various amazing slant’s within a simple reach of the town. With its ideal powder and dry atmosphere, Queenstown makes a perfect place in the winter time.

Winter is coming Going NZ

Did you know there are 25 ski fields in New Zealand? 18 of them are commercially run, and the rest are smaller club-run ski fields.

Ski fields in New Zealand

Here are New Zealands best ski fields:

  • Mt Hutt

Named New Zealand’s Best Ski Resort in 2015, by the World Ski Awards, Mt Hutt is only a 2-hour drive from Christchurch. With some of the freshest powder covering 365 hectares of skiable mountainside, this territory is reasonable for all ability levels. What’s more, clutch your ski shafts since it additionally gloats one of the longest vertical drops in the South Island. Just before skiers go down the slopes, they can see the sight of the sparkling Pacific Ocean in the backdrop, making for a genuinely uplifting view. Now, where else can you ski whilst being able to see the ocean at the same time?!

  • Treble Cone

Treble Cone situated close Wanaka has turned out to be a standout amongst the most popular ski regions in the nation. It is the biggest ski range in the South Island. Surrounded by popular attractions it is only an hour and a half hours drive from Queenstown. The longest run is an incredible 4 kilometers in length and incorporates a 700 meters vertical drop. In any case, don’t stress, in the event that you aren’t up to that test, there are a lot of trails that will give you a chance to take things a tiny bit slower. The mountain has impeccably prepared inclines which make it simple for skiers to appreciate the stupendous perspectives as they ski the day away.

Treble Cone, NZ

  • Porter Heights

In case you’re searching for a ski trip reasonable for the entire family, this is the mountain to take everybody to. Just Across Mt Hutt, Porter Heights is perceived as one of the best places to figure out how to ski and prepare before building you up to the bigger slopes. But for the pros, don’t stress, as there are difficult trails for those searching for more thrilling experiences. It’s great for all skiers in light of the fact that the trails running here are quite often uncrowded.

Other Winter Activities to Check Out:

Heli­ Skiing/Snowboarding

Why not take it to the next level and achieve different heights? You are in the land of adventurous activities after all! Heli Skiing is for those that want a unique and thrill seeking experience. The experienced pilots know all the best spots, offering you breathtaking views as well as the freshest powder the mountain has to offer while you speed through slopes and bends. Not for the faint hearted!

heli ski new zealand

New Zealand really is a Winter Wonderland

If skiing and snowboarding are not really your cup of tea, you’ll discover a lot of other winter activities to keep you entertained in the winter months, ­there’s snowshoeing, ice skating, jet boating, ice climbing and more.

Got an extra day? Check out the glaciers

franz josef

Franz Josef Glacier on New Zealand’s West Coast all deserves a mention, it is one of the nation’s most one of a kind and mind-blowing sights. Investigate the effective and great ice sheet up close and personal with an ice climb or a guided walk.

And when it all gets a bit too much…

Check out the hot pools. What better way to relax after a day on the slopes than to keep warm and be pampered. New Zealand has some of the most remarkable spa experience and hot pools that have an awe-inspiring backdrop. Get away from the snow and plunge into the warm and restoring geothermal ­rich and unwinding hot springs and spa. It demonstrates as a mental and physical getaway that benefits your body, and loosen up, and alleviate any sort of weariness, stress or muscle aches.

If you would like more information on where to do any of these activities just get in touch with us!


Get the right gear

TradeMe is the best place for picking up second hand and new gear (the Kiwi equivalent of eBay)

It is important to have all the right gear for your time on the slopes. Over the last couple of years, we have purchased some of the gear off Trade Me or have been given some gear by friends. But gear hire does come easily, there are many stores and resorts that offer equipment, some may even store it overnight for you so you don’t have to carry it all the way to your accommodation.

Money saving tip: Save money on rental costs by renting from shops that are further away from the resorts.

Accommodation – Make a weekend of it.

There’s plenty of accommodation in Queenstown and the South Island  but it does get booked out early so get in quick!

Getting there:

Fly to Christchurch or Queenstown – both are international airports.

Rent a car at the airport, or get the shuttle bus to your resort – could be a safer option given the driving conditions.

Money saving tip: do your car rental online in advance for the best savings.

Do remember that a portion of the roads up to the ski zones are additionally quite shaky. It is a good idea to have snow chains at the ready. Chains can be rented in towns close to the ski fields. If you are going through with hiring a car, you’ll most likely need ski or snowboard racks fitted. Some car rentals do snow bundle packages that incorporate snow chains and ski or snowboard racks, so make sure to plan ahead.

Now, who is counting down the days until Winter?! I know I am!



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