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Migration Expos in the UK

Whether you’re simply thinking about making the move to NZ or in the stages of planning it, attending migration expos in the UK is a great way to learn more about life out there, and help you make those all-important decisions! We went to the London one in 2014 and I don’t regret the effort – … Continue reading “Migration Expos in the UK”

Working Life in New Zealand

The New Zealand job market is expanding, which is great news if you’re hoping to live and work in this glorious part of the world! The NZ government are actively encouraging skilled person’s to come here and contribute to the society and economy of the country. This means that you’ll be able to develop your career … Continue reading “Working Life in New Zealand”

Paying Student Loans Abroad

Ever wondered that if you lived in another country  would you have to pay your student loan back whilst earning in another country? We did! Our research lead us to discover a massive misconception that if you are abroad you don’t have to repay your student loan and eventually your loan will be cleared. Sounds perfect, … Continue reading “Paying Student Loans Abroad”

Finding a Job New Zealand

If working in New Zealand is going to be part of your trip, then it’s really beneficial to start looking into potential jobs before you go. You can even go through the interview process remotely from home and secure yourself a position before you get there, which will be a huge weight off your mind! … Continue reading “Finding a Job New Zealand”