The “Coupon Culture” of New Zealand!

Something that New Zealand and the UK have in common is the love of a good bargain.

This is where the similarity ends though, as the way each go about finding a good deal is very different!

It’s safe to say that NZ are behind the times when it comes to making use of the internet to source bargains.  I don’t mean that in a negative way there simply isn’t the population here for sites like Amazon or Ebay to be successful and instead people flock to the markets to pick up their goodies.

These markets are the UK’s equivalent of a car boot sale, and people can find a range of items from flowers, fruit and veg, second hand goods as well as new clothes. While this is a thriving activity for shoppers and sellers alike in NZ, it’s safe to say that this trend is becoming more and more uncommon in the UK.

Saturday must do...visit the markets!
Saturday must do…visit the markets!

The birth of Ebay has seen this way of shopping for goods in the UK change. The opportunity to search and bid on almost any item imaginable has given rise to a big online shopping culture in the UK, and it’s only continuing to head this way. There’s a whole array of sites available now to help people find exactly what they want and for the best price. These include ‘bargain finding’ sites such as HotUKDeals and money saving sites such as Quidco and Topcashback.

Online incentives are just too great to look elsewhere. Either that, or the distinct climate difference is keeping people inside!

In NZ everyone you speak to disregards Ebay and instead recommends Trade Me. Due to the lack of products and companies existing online, you are forced to adapt to this way of purchasing which, essentially, is limited to markets, shops and coupons. That’s right, coupons.

Coming from most other countries, this will be hard a hard adjustment to make – but you don’t have many other options. You could buy from AliExpress, in China, and wait 20 days for your goods to arrive, which is fine if you’re super organised.

If you don’t tend to plan that far ahead, however, then you might like to check out these useful sites outlining some of the different coupon, discount and membership options in NZ.


Here you can sign up and get the app to receive news on deals across NZ, ranging from leisure and accommodation to household appliances.

Fall in Love with Grabone
Fall in Love with Grabone


This site is good for finding last minute deals on activities and family days out. It’s also perfect for the adventurer, featuring expeditions across land, water and air!

Entertainment Book 

You pay an annual fee for this which gives you access to digital membership by downloading the app, as well as the Entertainment book which is gigantic and full of discount vouchers. With this one, however, you can only buy from clubs – so scouts, schools and charity organisations, so get asking around!


This is New Zealand’s answer to comparison websites! Need we say more.

You’ll find a few similarities to the UK, such as fuel discounts in supermarkets (ie spend over $75 get 6 cents off a litre) however if you’re a keen shopper and you’re used to the online culture in the UK, then there’s no doubt you’ll find the leap to NZ a big one!

Join the Entertainment Book
Join the Entertainment Book

What other differences have you found between the UK and NZ when it comes to shopping? Let us know with your comments below!



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