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If working in New Zealand is going to be part of your trip, then it’s really beneficial to start looking into potential jobs before you go.

You can even go through the interview process remotely from home and secure yourself a position before you get there, which will be a huge weight off your mind! Alternatively, it’s a good idea to have some interviews lined up for when you arrive, so you can start working as soon as possible.

Job Market in New Zealand

New Zealand has a growing economy with many opportunities for those looking to build a career here, or those just wanting to fund travels. If you want to learn a little more about what it’s like to work in NZ, taking into account tax systems, employee’s rights and the working environment, then check out my article here.

There is still a huge demand for skilled workers in many job sectors, and an existing ‘skills shortage list’ of industries where work is readily available. This list may be subject to change though, so it’s worth regularly checking for the most up-to-date version.

It’s also advisable to check in advance if your qualifications hold the same value in NZ. When registering with a professional body, often individuals find that they need to complete further study or training before they can get a relevant job in their profession. By knowing beforehand what may be required, you can start looking into possible routes as well as how you can fund this process. For more information check out government website here.

Speaking of financial considerations, it’s also recommended that you check what fees may be applicable when registering yourself with a professional body. This cost can vary from job to job, but can, again, be researched so you can explore funding options.

Job Hunting Process in New Zealand:

As mentioned before, being proactive and job hunting ahead of your trip to NZ will give you a much better chance of securing a job quickly. The best thing to do is register online at the New Zealand’s main job sites, such as New Kiwis and Seek. These websites are very useful resources, allowing you to shortlist jobs, upload your CV, and receive step-by-step guidance on how to get the right job and build your professional career in NZ.

By providing your CV you maximise your chances of finding a position, as employers can investigate your skills and contact you themselves through this site. Before uploading your CV though, make sure the style is consistent with that used in NZ. For tips on this check out our article on how to make your C.V NZ relevant here! We have made a list of the most popular job websites to sign up to, to check out our blog post on this click here! 

If you are not successful in securing a job before setting off on your trip, then don’t worry – just make visiting recruitment agencies a priority upon your arrival. But don’t forget to take job references from previous employers with you, as this can be really pivotal for a successful job application in NZ!

Good Luck!




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